We explore with our clients their thoughts, plans, acts and impacts to enable them to be successful.

Coached by professionals, with a professional attitude, using creative and innovative techniques including NLP.


Our training is designed from having collaborative discussions with each organisation and is built with the goals and needs of the company. Training that is serious in its message and fun in its delivery. 


Bringing people together to talk, listen and understand the direction and vision and consider all aspects of what's important. 

Welcome to Explore Essence

Explore Essence is a company which supports the learning and growth of individuals, teams and organisations to exceed their expectations. 


Explore Essence 'exploring development through training and coaching'

We specialise in developing teams and individuals through bespoke workshops and programmes, and working with individuals to be the best they can be and more. We work together with organisations to develop their teams and people to feel valued and responsible.

We facilitate team events and organisational diagnostics to understand the gaps between what we say and what we do. 

Patricia Whiteley Smith brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to every person and project. She believes that good quality training and coaching can unlock and release potential, enabling people to become more successful and fulfilled. Patricia is an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach with a background in senior management.

Explore Essence works with a number of experienced, qualified and respected associates and together they bring a wealth of experience from the world of private and public sectors to ensure that we can help organisations and individuals achieve their goals.